Solar Water Heating

Hawaii solar water heating systems produce clean renewable energy that is non-polluting. Did you know that a single solar water heating system can offset approximately 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a passenger vehicle?

Solar Water Heater Cost

plumberWhen you are looking to upgrade a system or appliance in your home these days, sometimes the cost associated with it can be staggering. But once you get over the initial price shock of having it done, you need to really sit down and think about what you are doing. Does the cost upfront reflect something hat will save you money down the road, in either electricity or headache?

Will the price upfront be justified in the short term, because you are now more energy efficient and reliable in what will be done? Solar water heaters are one such system that needs to be evaluated before you put it in your house because there is a high price up front in order to get it in to your home.

When you have a family or a household that uses a lot of hot water to take showers or to wash the dishes, you wonder if there is a cheaper or faster way to maintain that hot water for your home. Solar hot water heaters can be a cheaper solution down the road, but with a few exceptions. Spending the money on a solar system will not save money for everyone who installs them in to their house.

The system to install in your house needs to be done by a professional. This isn’t a do-it-yourself project where you can save a bit of money and get the job done. There is a lot of technology that needs to be installed correctly or else the appliance might not function as it is supposed to.

If an appliance isn’t functioning correctly, then it is not worthwhile. Depending on the size of your water needs will determine how large of a hot water heater and solar system is installed. The average cost for the system is between $4,000 and $8500.  How long will it take you to recoup that money in electricity savings?

Solar water heaters are cheaper when you consider the fact of where a person lives. Sure, the sun shines in every city in every state, but in some states and regions of the country way more than others. When you install a solar water heater in an area that only sees the sun shine about half of the time, what does that mean? Are you relying on electricity as a backup for half of the days anyway? When that is the case, then you  need to think long and hard if the expense will be worthwhile in the long run if you will still receive an energy bill half of the time.

When you live in a state or area where the sun shines all of the time and there are few cloudy or rainy days, you can probably recoup the money back within two to four years. But that is if you plan on living in that house for at least five years then. Spending the money on a solar water heater isn’t going to be a smart idea if you don’t plan on living in that house for the next several years or until you retire.

For people who live in an area with cloudy days, it might take them double the amount of time in order for them to see a savings. If they can only save $100 per month on electricity because of limited sun, then it will take four to eight years before the investment will pay off for them. If this is a brand new house they intend to live in forever, then it is a great investment because they will have ten or twenty years after the initial install in which they won’t be paying full energy bills. For people looking at short term house stays, the cost might not be worth it

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